Boris Zhelev

General Manager 

Radina Radeva

Operations Manager

Andon Andonov

Head Chef


"There is no secret to our success.

It’s simply better INGREDIENTS and the good old "Hard work".

What makes us different, is that we do things simple.

It’s not that we cannot make Stromboli, Deep-dish or Stuffed crust pizza… It’s just that, 12 years ago, we decided that we will make BETTER CLASSIC PIZZA. And its quality will always be the same.

That’s why, in every restaurant, we use the same Ingredients, the same ovens, and even the same computers. And we guarantee that each time you’re served the same great pizza.

Yes, we had to give up variety.

Yes, we had to give up suppliers that don’t maintain constant quality.

But this Guarantees, that you will always receive the same incredible product.

Because we pick our ingredients with more care than anyone else.

And because we know, that BETTER INGREDIENTS means BETTER PIZZA.

This is our Promise to you!"


R  O  M  A  N  C  E

Better Ingredients. Better Pizza.

--- since 2005 ---