green salads, radish, cucumbers, green onions, olives, egg

Spring Salad
5.99 лв.300 г

carrots, apples, beets, blue cheese and sugar-coated walnuts with balsamic dressing

Vitamin A
5.99 лв.300 г

green salads, tomato, marinated feta cheese, olives and sunflower seeds with blue cheese dressing

6.99 лв.350 г

lettuce, cherry tomatoes, sweet corn, quail eggs and tender chicken bites with lemon dressing, served with ciabatta bread

Tender Chicken Salad
7.99 лв.350 г

tomatoes, grilled eggplant and peppers, marinated feta cheese, served with ciabatta bread and parsley

5.99 лв.350 г

grilled and pickled carrots, eggplant and zucchini, mixed with feta cheese, cherry tomatoes and red onions

Grilled and pickled vegetables
5.99 лв.300 г

mixed green salads, red onions, tomatoes, avocado, boiled eggs, crispy bacon and grilled chicken, dressed in olive oil

7.99 лв.400 г

tomatoes, cucumbers, saute mushrooms, grilled peppers, olives, ham, feta cheese, egg and red onions

Shepherd's salad
6.99 лв.400 г

tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, olives, feta cheese and red onions, dressed in olive oil

Greek salad
5.99 лв.400 г

lettuce, tuna, olives and sweet corn with creamy cheese dressing

7.99 лв.250 г

spinach, chickpeas, feta, grilled peppers, avocado and parmesan, finished with mustard-soy dressing

Fitness Salad
6.99 лв.350 г

iceberg lettuce, cherry tomatoes, parmesan and grilled chicken with Ceasar dressing, served with ciabatta bread

Chicken Ceasar
7.99 лв.350 г