Mozzarella Bread
2.99 лв.200 г

served with sauteed broccoli and carrots

Teryaki Chicken
9.99 лв.350 г

chicken fillets, sauteed with cream and mushrooms, served with crispy fried potatoes with herbs

Fungi Chicken
9.99 лв.350 г

grilled chicken breasts, served with creamed spinach and sauteed mushrooms

Chicken with creamed spinach
9.99 лв.350 г

three home-made meatballs, served with french fries 

BG grill
8.99 лв.400 г

served with spiced butter and sweet potato puree

Pork steak
9.99 лв.400 г

grilled pork belly, glazed with BBQ sauce, served with french fries

Pork BBQ
9.99 лв.400 г